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-I normally offer these workshops in Culture Centres and Cooking Schools, but if you are interested in taking part in them in a private way with a group of friends, celebrating a birthday or a teambuilding event with your company, I would be delighted to attend to you. You can create a group of 6 people and contact me by mail ( or phone (649955179). You can also offer the Workshops as presents to your "foodie" friends. Please have a look at the updated information about classes on Instagram, if you would like to take part individually, have a good time cooking and meeting interesting people.




Learn how to cook Ramen like a real Japanese chef. We show you the tricks to prepare tasty miso and shoyu broths, two different chasu, marinated egg, noodles and different toppings. Finally we will enjoy the two kinds of Ramen. Itadakimasu!!


Learn about the ingredients, techniques and secrets of one of the best cuisines in the world. Its delicious sauces, the ways to prepare the fish, the dishes we inherit from our grandmothers and the ones that are traditionally served at the Gastronomic Societies.



Learn how to prepare some of the best Pintxos from the most legendary bar counters in Donosti. "La Viña" cheesecake, "Txepetxa" anchovies, "Borda Berri" Idiazábal Risotto...miniature delights. Put together your own Pintxos counter at home!!



Discover the delicious taste of Thai food. That amazing balance between sweet, savoury, sour and spicy that makes you fall in love with it. Curries, Spring Rolls, Pad Thai. Enjoy your own creations.


Indian cuisine is pure alchemy of spices, herbs...intense fragrances and flavours with a great complexity and exoticism. We will cook delicious, traditional and aromatic dishes.


We will cook tasty recipes from Saigon, delicious street food with aromatic herbs, chilli sauces, rolls, soups and stews that will surprise your palate.


Learn how to prepare this healthy and delicious traditional dish from Hawaii. A rice base with marinated fish, vegetables, tasty dressings and the furikake punch.


Tasty, creamy and aromatic...Asian curries are a delight. We will learn different traditional curries from India and Thailand and garnish them with Jasmine rice, herbs and sauces.



The magic of mixing flour and eggs. We will prepare different kinds of pasta with delicious, easy and original Italian sauces. Fresh ingredients like tomato, basil, lemon, Parmesan and garlic are a must.


Learn how to cook some of the traditional Japanese recipes that are served in local restaurants, from Hiroshima to Kyoto and in Japanese homes. One of the most exquisite gastronomies in the world.


We will learn the tricks to prepare some of the most delicious dumplings in Asia. Gyozas, Samosas and other delicious rolls, cooked with different techniques and served with their traditional sauces.



The most widely consumed cereal grain in the world appears in hundreds of colours, shapes and textures. We will travel to different Asian and European countries, cooking delicious and surprising sweet and savoury recipes.



We will tour around Thailand, India, Vietnam and Japan through some of their most delicious sauces and dressings. Sour, spicy, sweet, savoury and umami...we will discover a great variety of aromas and flavours to serve with original recipes.


Peru is a magical land of a remarkable mixture of gastronomies. Learn how to cook some of the most amazing recipes. Ceviche, Lomo saltado, Causa Limeña...simply delicious.


"Izakaya" are the Japanese "tapas bars" where chefs cook easy, yummy recipes with great creativity and freedom in direct contact with the customers. We will cook and taste some classics from these marvellous Izakayas.



Learn the essential sushi ingredients and the basic techniques for the dressed rice. Create your own nigiris and makis that we will then enjoy.


The magic of creating a scene, using natural light to make a dish look tempting and delicious. Improve your website or restaurant menu photography. Backgrounds, props, editing tricks. Learn to create attractive images of your favourite dishes.

-Classes for Cooking Schools where we will share the different traditional cuisines from around the world. Valuing the quality of raw materials, the knowledge and analysis of new ingredients and the use of classic culinary techniques.


-Workshops designed for Cultural Centres and Gastronomy Enthusiasts in which we will enjoy cooking together and travel through the ingredients and their aromas. A space to have fun, meet people and learn delicious recipes to share with our loved ones.


-These Cooking Classes and Workshops will be scheduled from November to May.

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